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The matter of the role of women in the church comes under the principles of church government and the sufficiency of Scripture.

The question that we must answer is: “Shall our newness in Christ, our being neither ‘male nor female,’ but ‘one in Christ’ as regards our salvation (Gal ) mean that no longer is there male headship and leadership in the church or in the marriage and the family?

In this passage, Paul gives the reasons, all of which are founded upon the Creator’s plan, for women’s being subordinate to their husbands.

First, man is by virtue of creation the image of God and reflects His glory, while woman reflects the glory of man (although she too was created in the image of God, as Genesis reveals); second, woman was created from man to be her husband’s helper as he works to obey God’s mandates.

The little word “for” indicating purpose (verse 9) has great significance; it indicates that woman was created for the sake or benefit of man, who, because of God’s priority shown in creating man first, is to be the head of his wife and family.

The Lord Jesus made the same appeal to the creation order as He corrected the prevalent teaching on marriage and divorce (cf. The subordination of a wife to her husband, let us not overlook, is taught despite the fact that the Apostles write after the redeeming work of Christ has been applied equally to men and women.

Since Scripture is all-sufficient, we must submit to it regardless of how it may contravene the preferences of our own day.