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This was the twirls on the pond, the leaps over the snow, the daring, the joy.

Four days after staggering into the Olympics unshaven and with scandal on its breath, figure skating emerged Thursday in a clean shirt and smile.

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But organizers of tonight's Crest Whitestrips International Figure Skating Challenge must have cringed when the Olympic gold medalist said he was too injured to skate his best but would show up, anyway, for the money.

Yagudin won the Sears Open last week in Red Deer, Canada, a minor miracle because of a hip problem that has caused the cartilage to wear away.

По словам спортсменки, для нее штамп в паспорте совсем не важен.

Фигуристы Татьяна Тотьмянина и Алексей Ягудин вместе уже почти девять лет.

There was a runner-up who skipped and posed and laughed.