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An XML document might be well-formed—that is, it obeys the syntactical rules of XML—and at the same time be invalid.

For example, an element might include a child element when it is supposed to have only textual content, or a required attribute of an element might be missing.

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To perform validation it helps to construct a tree of an XML document’s schema that is parallel to a tree structure representing the document’s actual content (see be structured.

Instead of nodes of objects representing the actual elements and text of the document, the schema tree contains nodes that express the rules by which the parts of the document can be combined.

Release 2.0.0 of the Expat XML parser is the end point of the 1.95. The goal was to solidify and stabilize the implementation of the given API, to add desirable features as long as they fit with the API, and to keep the API backwards compatible if extensions were required.

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They express rules for the composition of elements from child elements, text, and other constituents.