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If you feel the need for antivirus software on your mac - start at and search for anitvirus apple offers free demo downloads (at the time of this article Protect Mac Anti Virus 1.1.1 is the latest and greatest) on the other hand... In my experience pay services not necessarily the best solution, especially for the average user.

There are several free antivirus applications out there such as Avira, Pandas Cloud Antivirus, AVG and more.

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A lot of people buy a computer, get it connected to the internet and use it until something goes horribly wrong (i.e.

virus attack, computer malfunction, new device doesn't work etc.).

The first task, managing the hardware and software resources, is very important, as various programs and input methods compete for the attention of the central processing unit (CPU) and demand memory, storage and input/output (I/O) bandwidth for their own purposes.

In this capacity, the operating system plays the role of the good parent, making sure that each application gets the necessary resources while playing nicely with all the other applications, as well as husbanding the limited capacity of the system to the greatest good of all the users and applications.

They are increasing in popularity but still a very small percentage.


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