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Apparently some fans were unaware that Parker was married, and when they found out that she wasn't a Black woman, they took to Twitter to express their vexation. He's a hotep's wet dream." But not everyone was upset about Parker's wife being white.

Others went as far as to dig up his past, in which he was accused of rape as a student at Penn State back in 1999. Still, that hasn't stopped critics from dragging the "Birth of a Nation" director. Some even pointed out that other actors, such as Harry Belafonte and Jesse Williams, were either in or a product of interracial relationships.

He is a very responsible man, and he has a total of three children. If you are his fan, as an interested reader, you can read about him and his fascinating biography from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. He is very popular on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. He uploads his latest and greatest pictures in Instagram but his account is private, and he doesn’t share them with his fans.

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After dating his girlfriend Sarah Di Santo for a while, he married her in the year 2007. Their affair was one of the hottest topics around town at that moment.

As their relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding, there is petite chance of a divorce to occur between them.

Peep their family shots, PLUS check out the full (and newest) ‘Birth of a Nation’ trailer inside… The Sundance Film Festival favorite, that nabbed a record breaking $17.5 million deal with Fox Searchlight, that tells the story of most iconic slave revolts in history, led by Nat Turner.

After screening his highly anticipated slave revolt film at the 2016 American Black Film Festival, Nate Parker is back on his family man steez.

He played the role of Kaz Nicol in a movie called Beyond the Lights in the year 2014.