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And then Johnny Marr, Robert Smith and people like that. I just figured out anything and everything I could. Just as a person and a friend, he’s been an incredible influence on me. There’s nothing better than a simple chord progression that’s hard to do. What was it like recording I’m With You at East West in Hollywood? It’s the old Ocean Way Studio where a lot of great records were made. But yeah, I grew up and was shaped musically by listening to them and to the people they listened to and who inspired them to get started. I know it will take me a minute to find the middle ground between doing what I’m comfortable doing and not feeling like there’s something missing that’s supposed to be there. It’s been fun getting out the Zeppelin and Hendrix — stuff that’s a little more textrous.

A lot of your work in the past has been avant garde, underground kind of stuff. But now it’s owned by East West, which is a sample library company. People were trying to conduct business while Flea and I were banging on the piano. Something that was a little strange for me was obviously that all these guys had a long working relationship with him, whereas I hadn’t. You’re quite a bit younger than the other guys in the band. In the past, I’ve really concentrated on writing chord progressions songs and lyrics rather than my chops as a guitar player. Soloing is not something that comes naturally to me.

The two eventually began to hang out and listen to music together at Frusciante's home.

In 2000, The Bicycle Thief opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers, as the latter toured in support of their seventh studio album, Californication.

[...] We sat there and scribbled our parts onto a piece of paper and when we were ready we got back together again and sung our ideas together and they fit perfectly.