Who is alex baldwin dating

During her yoga class Monday night, Thomas didn’t make a big deal of her pending nuptials to her 100 students. Known for throwing temper tantrums, Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight in December when he got into a tiff with a flight attendant who asked him to put away his Words With Friends game.When one of her regular students saw her ring, he asked, “Is this it? Friends and relatives have said Thomas has been a calming force on Baldwin and the healthy eater has been helping him watch his waistline.

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Chris Brown is NOT dating “Alec Baldwin’s daughter Hailey.” Gossip Cop can debunk this laughably wrong story.

For starters, Hailey Baldwin is NOT Alec Baldwin’s “daughter.” The allegation comes from the clueless-as-ever Media Take Out, which claimed, “So the word on the street…

When Alec Baldwin began calling his ex-wife Kim Basinger a few months ago, he had something other than legal battles to discuss.

The couple’s only child, daughter Ireland (long the center of her parents’ vicious divorce) voluntarily checked into rehab on April 10, and in the months leading up to the incident, Alec was calling Kim with concerns.

It was the eve of their getting engaged,” the source said. “I had an unforgettable experience,” she tweeted following her Friday night date.