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It's just the age when nothing fits."One of film's most iconic and immortal sexual poses was found in this film, The Seven Year Itch (1955) -- The Girl's (Marilyn Monroe as a quintessential, iconic blonde sex symbol) ecstatic famous shot in a white dress flying and billowing up around her knees.

After he called her a "glamour puss," she left the house: "This isn't my home." Her mother (Rochelle Hudson) attempted to be reassuring, but admitted that she too didn't know how to help their problematic adolescent daughter: "She'll outgrow it dear, it's just the age...

The hedonistic, mischievous, freedom-loving and carefree female was the object of attention from much older, wealthy entrepreneur Eric Carradine (Curd Jürgens), and from two brothers: the elder Antoine Tardieu (Christian Marquand) and his naive younger brother Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant).

Although she reluctantly accepted a marriage proposal from Michel, the impetuous and reckless Juliette needed to be rescued by Antoine when her motorboat caught fire out on the water.

The Oscar-winning title tune swelled in the background as their two cigarettes merged and ignited. So I put on my new dress and I came out and he grabbed my face and he started rubbing off all the lipstick. Another time, while real fireworks exploded through the open doors in the background (over the water in the night sky), other 'sexual' fireworks burst within the room between them - she had invitingly turned out the lights: "If you really want to see the fireworks, it's better with the lights out. Then tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.