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Rowena wines & dines the two hookers in an attempt to get them to join her coven.

She explains how the Grand Coven threw her out because her magic was too extreme so she was banned from taking students and forming her own coven. They agree, and as the leave the restaurant the waiter Rowena had hexed suddenly dies violently.

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However, Hannah decides that the right thing to do is to return to Heaven and let her vessel go back to her husband. As Rowena begins training her new coven demons arrive to nab Rowena, however Sam & Dean interrupt the capture and kill the demons.

When they confront Rowena, she uses an "attack dog spell" on Elle as a diversion. Dean catches her in an alley, but then Cole catches Dean, in a standoff of guns. The “interests” listed on Dean’s dating app -- "Rolling through town, no strings attached. " were the same as ones Jensen gave as an answer to the question “what would be on Dean’s dating profile? Writer Bob Berens confirmed that he was writing the script when he was at Comic-Con and when he heard Jensen’s reply he knew he had to put it in the episode.

He catchers her and she begs him not to hurt her, she promises to come back.

He grabs her, and she stabs him in the eye with one of her high heels.

Crowley finds out about the sex for souls trade from Gerald, who had escaped Rowena's attack.