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Second, you shouldn't get girlfriends through missions.As GTA has taught me, they either end up dying, or betraying you.Niko is unable to use social networking sites, only communicating through his standard email.

In GTA: SA, you could react positively or negatively to a person.

In TBo GT, when you danced with a girl at the club, you had a chance of f*cking her in the bathroom and then getting her number. I was thinking you could basically keep replying positively to a girl and have a chance of getting her number. I like the bonuses given when you date certain people, as I'm sure other people do too.

Michelle und Kate lernt ihr im Laufe des Spiels automatisch kennen, desshalb gehen wir zunächst auf die anderen drei, Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins und Alexandra Chilton (Alex) genauer ein.

Nachdem man die mission "Out of the Closet" abgeschlossen hat , kann Niko Dates , Online arangieren ,unter "" Also geht in ein Internet Caffee oder in eur Versteck (Östlich vom Middle Park East) Carmen´s Profilname ( ist : SOBOHOE Nach dem ihr sie gedatet habt müsst ihr ein bischen warten. 12-24 Spielstunden bekommt ihr dann eine E-mail von Carmen.

I hope they make it kind of hard to date a few of them, and the rest are easy and medium to get. I thought it was obvious from the 1st trailer the two girls jogging were checking out the other guys jogging so its plain to realise if you look like crap then girls won't want to date you.