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For our purposes, on Client Render has one main advantage over, for example, set Timer.As it is called every frame (and therefore is dependant on the players FPS), the movement of the news item will always appear to be completely smooth, unlike using a timer which would often appear to lag.In our 'update News Item' function, we position the 'news Label' to the far right, so we will scroll in from the right to the left.

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As usual, to use this event we will need to create an event handler for it: This will call our scroll News function every frame, which we will then use to update the position of our news item.

Make sure you add this handler after you have defined your scroll News function.

You can use both relative and absolute in the same script if you want to, the only limitation is that you cannot mix them in the same function call.

The type of values you are using is defined by the final argument (true or false).

As stated earlier, our news items will be shown on our 'news Label' GUI label.