Updating columns in oracle

COMP_BLOOMBERG_CODE = xls01.col1), COMP_AMS_MARKET_CAP=( SELECT col11 FROM xls01 WHERE INVST_COMPANY. An outer join of A to (nothing) might return nothing.

COMP_BLOOMBERG_CODE = xls01.col1), COMP_AMS_6MTH_AVG_TRDNG_VOL=( SELECT col9 FROM xls01 WHERE INVST_COMPANY. from t where t.column = 5( ); you need to outer join to a "set" - an outer join of A to B returns every row in B at least once.

how can i write the querry please help me thanks regard pradeep June 18, 2013 - pm UTC no create no inserts no look (seems to be light on details too - like what you mean exactly - you talk about details and status but then all of a sudden message pops up????

now if i want to perform update operation on DETAILS table i need get information on MESSAGE table.

etc I have a mapping table where "ALL" old account number and new account numbers are present.

But Sales Supplier, Purchase supplier, Wholesale Supplier ..many other columns how can i update in single SQL ( I have to update around 70 columns and some columns may have null values such as Purchase supplier ..) 2. You need to have the table you are updating from have a unique or primary key constraint.

COMP_BLOOMBERG_CODE = xls01.col1), COMP_AMS_STOCK_BETA=( SELECT col19 FROM xls01 WHERE INVST_COMPANY. Nah, in definition portion we have c0 ref cursor; c1 c0; then somewhere I need to define a variable that holds the rowtype for that unknown yet ref cursor.