Updating 3dr network

just a question,, I know now how my config work on the pixhawk with the rtk.

my qestion is concerning the base reach First I do all the setup configured on the wifi network of my office.

but with blutooth and wifi we are able to have the mnea output....

Updating 3dr network advantages of consolidating marriage laws in kenya

but one precision needed is it necessary to have the original gps of the pixhawk connected , cause on mission planer the message is no gps.

I have the firmware quad provided on your wiki thks , sucses is near now....

just try to have one base with a usb 3dr modem connected on it at 57600 bauds working no wifi cause I don' plane to use a router on the field.

rover : one 3dr in USB or Serial to receive the information of the base.

next step is the drotek board ready on my desktop ok just pass away something The setup we recommend goes as follows: Base stations is a Reach unit in Wi-Fi AP mode, configured as a TCP server GCS is a laptop with Mission Planner(version 1.3.35 and higher), connected to the base Reach Wi-Fi hosted network Telemetry connection via a serial radio Rover Reach unit is mounted on a drone and connected to Pixhawk via the 6P-to-6P wire.