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Each path only reveals certain aspects of the overall storyline and it is only after uncovering all the possible different paths and outcomes through multiple playthroughs that everything comes together to form a coherent well-written story.Mystery stories are generally popular with this genre, because the visuals and interactivity complement the heavy amount of text.This is what we see now in the vast majority of today’s visual novels, because they’re easy to draw.

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Visual novels are, along with , commonly associated with dating simulators.

Visual novels are sometimes thought of as “books in videogame format.” However, they aren’t simply e-books with illustrations (all though, depending on the game, they sometimes feel that way).

Instead of adapting the medium for storytelling, companies decided to market to an adult audience by hashing out cheap, plotless dating games filled with mature scenes. Just like in other artistic formats (e.g., movies, music) genre-bending occurs, and it’s not always easy to distinguish one from another.

Most visual novels may or may not be dating sims (it’s hard to say, considering how many go unnoticed on the shelves in Japan) but most dating sims are certainly visual novels.

In fact, Jess confessed that Ruby loves to talk trips down memory lane."She reminds me exactly how much last time definitely happened.


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