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” For two weeks leading up to the speed dating event, we remained in shock.

Fast-forward to the night of the event, and after many phone calls on what to wear and what questions to ask, Christine and I met up at Union Station feeling both excited and nervous.

She called me screaming with joy, so I responded with the same action, of course. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to learn even more about five of the 25 men I encountered a few weeks ago.

I patiently waited for my email to arrive (Read: I was worried, as a good two hours passed after Christine had received her email and I still had nothing)! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to try something new to give speed dating a try.

When we walked into the event venue, Christine and I were greeted by energetic hosts who gave us a piece of paper with two columns: One for the successful dates and the other for the, uh, failures.