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I have worked in civilian and military courts in the criminal law arena, and successfully prosecuted the first DNA case in the Middle District of Georgia. in military criminal law from the Judge Advocate General's School, Army, and have written about military law issues.

I am currently in the tort arena, handling cases against the federal government arising worldwide and our NATO partners arising in the US. Publications The Military Law Review The Army Lawyer The University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review Education/Credentials LL. S (civil engineering and applied mathematics Awards and Honors Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Superior Performance Award as a Special Assistant U.

Expert: Douglas Dribben - 11/20/2000 Question I am a 17 year old girl and I'm dating a 21 year old marine. I live in california and I know it is illegal for us to have sex, but what about dating?

Can he get in trouble with the marines for dating me?

Basically it means "whatever we want." Many times someone will be charged with another article of the UCMJ and also charged with article 134 because juries are alot more willing to say "he did something wthat brought discredit upon the armed forces" if there's not enough evidence or whatever to charge with larceny or whatnot.

[EDITOR: NEW ADDITION TO INFO ON SECTION 134: Source: Article 134 - Carnal knowledge is a violation of this article.

I can also answer questions about the military Judge Advocate Generals` Corps (JAG, like the TV show).