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Mine are set to notify me and it doesn’t happen very often and I want to beep it updated especially for security reasons cmptrgy, thanks for replying. "If you decide to change these options in the future, they are available in the Preferences settings, under Updater (choose Edit Preferences, I have no Updater option, so this solution does not exist for me.

First, going to the link that you provided, I read the following: "Version 11 provides four update options:", . In general, I dislike any program that autonomously changes anything on my machine (and yes, that may be a deal breaker for switching to Windows 10).

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We get a lot of documents sent to our office from clients where we then have to print those documents and organize them on their files.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of letters and memos sent to us that have the automatic updating date field in them.

I can end up with 3-4 versions of Excel file and maybe 5-6 versions of Power Point file.