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Miss Jae Lee is a phony and should be avoided at all cost; spend your money/tokens on other MFC models who deserve them!!!

Miss Jae Lee runs contests and makes sure only one of a few guys wins.

Miss Jae Lee sells her Snapchat, sets up a new account and make you buy it again.there is a model named jalyn.whenever she comes on she is number 1 on the is very ugly and has a body like a is number one because she dated or dates the owner of the site named site has many models who sit and do nothing and dont even get naked at all and become miss freecams for the models on this site think you are here for them and not that they are here for is the mentality of all the models on it's think they would be nice to paying guys but they cant even ask them to raise the cam or they will ban most will ban you if you dont tip every 5 most will ban you if they see you talking and not tiping.thats why so many guys on that website dont talk at fear of getting the site can ban you at anytime for no reason and wont return your emails beware.

Miss Jae Lee promises care packages and videos for her new tippers that are never sent.