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It includes physical, sexual, and emotional/psychological abuse, and stalking — all of which are very real and can be very damaging.

Emotional abuse and stalking can take place in person, electronically, via text, or online.

"That's rape, but the girls don't think of it as rape," Diaz said.

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Congress too has joined the call to end dating abuse by dedicating the month of February to teen dating violence awareness and prevention.

Unfortunately, we have far to go in raising awareness of this problem; 81% of parents believe that teen dating violence isn’t an issue.

Secondly, teen dating violence is just as dangerous and the impact is just as far reaching.

Beyond the immediate impact of abuse, victimized teens are also at risk for serious health issues.

Myth: If a person stays in an abusive relationship, it must not really be that bad. Almost 80% of girls who have been physically abused will continue to date their abusers. These include fear, emotional dependence, low self-esteem, feeling responsible, confusing jealousy and possessiveness with love, threats of more violence, or hope that the abuser will change.