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Be Honest: If you have met the interested party via phone and finally meet the swinging single or swingling couple but thay are not to your liking, TELL THEM, do not continue with the date as it it will only lead to hurt feelings.

Simply saying "Nice to have met you, but unforyunately you are not my / our type" will do.

At the very least, everyone should agree that if one person in the swinger's group feels uncomfortable at any time during the session, they should be able to stop the action without any bad feelings in the group. What goes on in the company of Sex Dating, swinging couples or swingers in general is not anyone elses business.

If you really want to share your experience with others, you should omit or change names and dates.

After all, how many people really get to have sex on their first date? Do not meet with other swingers too near your home.

The last thing you want is to explain to Aunt Bridget why you were sitting on a strange man's lap..

First Meeting: Most first meetings take place with a simple phone call.


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