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and who received no wages for their work, but instead received the right to cultivate a plot of land behind the family hut.

The family seldom had sufficient food; Chikatilo himself later claimed not to have eaten bread until the age of twelve, Throughout his childhood, Chikatilo was repeatedly told by his mother Anna that prior to his birth, an older brother of his named Stepan had, at age 4, been kidnapped and cannibalized by starving neighbours, although it has never been independently established whether this incident actually occurred, or if a Stepan Chikatilo even existed.

Chikatilo performed his compulsory military service between 19, assigned first to serve with border guards in Central Asia, then to a KGB communications unit in Berlin.

Here, his work record was unblemished, and he joined the Communist party in 1960, shortly before his military service ended.

who regularly mocked him over his physical stature and timid nature.