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“If I wanted to have an affair,” he quickly adds, “I would have one." (For her part, Biderman's wife has said in interviews that she would be “devastated” if she ever found out her husband was having sex outside of their marriage.) In actually, the stats show it’s more likely that Biderman’s wife will cheat on him first; not only is infidelity among women is on the rise, but the “peak age” for a woman to cheat is 39.

“If we removed every unfaithful man from public office, from CEO positions, from the basketball courts, we’d have a very dull society.

You wouldn’t be able to fill a football team, run a government or have a corporation that can function. So let’s stop trying to paint these people as villains.” This laissez-faire attitude toward adultery is not just Biderman’s business plan, but the theme of his new book, “Adultropology,” which provides a statistical understanding of who is “cheating” and why.

49 - Average age for male cheaters 39 — Average age for woman cheaters Idaho has the most new signups per day on Ashley Madison. 36 hours - amount of time some users need from signing up on Ashley Madison to actually having an affair. Gemini women are the most likely to cheat — and be cheated on. First person: From a ‘cheater’ Lauren is a 34-year-old married mother of three who signed up for Ashley Madison after seeing a TV commercial.

Here is her story: I’ve been on Ashley Madison for four years. I never had an affair before, and it wasn’t until I signed up with site that I decided to go through with it.

While other Trump cheerleaders like Sarah Palin have gone completely silent on their guy over the past week due to the sheer madness of his behavior, Hannity, like the good company man he is, is remaining loyal to The Donald.