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I think a show like that, if it had come out now, yeah. I’m sure they would have been shoving us online, and making us do all that, but it would’ve been interesting.Just before all that [social media] stuff really started to happen, so we missed that thing. This generation seems a lot more comfortable than my generation. Yeah, I was a swimmer growing up, that’s what I did.

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You jumped back into TV recently with the show "Last Resort," [which was unfortunately cancelled after one season.] What made you decide you wanted to kind of take a dip back to television, after doing all those films? I love Andre Braugher, and I’m a big fan of Shawn Ryan. I’d love to do a good role in a big movie, but you know, TV for sure. It would just have to be the right thing that I felt really good about, and then I can jump in full force. My parents were athletes, they met at a track meet; they were runners.

Any big drama like that, you know, it’s a cool experience and it was good just to get in there with some really great people. Because the quality in television, the past few years has just like exploded. I mean, there are so many platforms, so many ways to see it and so much content. I was runner that really started focusing on swimming at a very young age, and that’s kind of how I got into acting.

Oh well, I was just about to pitch you this whole Michael Phelps biopic idea, so…

[laughs] That guy would be very hard for a mere mortal to play.

Today’s pick "Out of the Dark" is available now On Demand.]In "Out of the Dark," Scott Speedman and Julia Stiles star as a couple who move, along with their young daughter, to a small village in Colombia to take over the family business.