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"I just hope I find the right one before it's too late..." "Too late? I want you to teach me." Stephanie nearly choked on her chocolate cake. Stephanie lowered her fork, wiping her mouth with the cloth napkin. "All right," she said, finishing with the bill payment.

" "Well, fertility in my family is a strange thing. She'd become wet all over again as soon as Rose had uttered those words, and realized she wanted it more than anything she'd ever wanted before. She got to her feet and put on her coat, and Rose did the same as they waved goodbye to Nate, Dimitri, and the rest of the employees.

Then, she held me close and told me that everything would be okay, and that we didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do—you know, kid stuff.

I told her I wanted her to show me everything and she did.

But after I started at Yale, it became harder and harder to meet, and then she got interested in someone else, and I started dating my first girlfriend, Viola Seymour..." "How long were you with Viola for?