Ryan braun dating anyone

Braun missed one game with the Brewers and returned the next day.With the playoff push in full swing for the Brew Crew, Braun will probably be getting a pass on the 2am feedings for a while.But come October, I’m sure he’ll have accrued his fair share….

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It was not a declaration that Braun was "innocent" or that Laurenzi was somehow crooked, but only that the appropriate procedures for a "guilty verdict" were not followed.

Maybe most importantly: in no way does the fact that Braun appears likely to have in fact been "guilty" mean that Laurenzi somehow did his job better than he actually did.

So we have officially established he has a girlfriend, but we’ve yet to officially establish this girlfriend as Larissa Fraser.

In our sports-gossip world, we have to admit that a lot of times where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so we soldiered on with our search.

Official word has come down that the couple is now officially engaged.