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These individuals/groups have been empowered to be the catalyst within their peer group in advocating a healthy, drug-free lifestyle through involvement in various wholesome activities.Given the increased importance for this age group of technology for socializing and learning, helping them find balance will not only help with sleep but ensure that their use of technology is a positive rather than negative influence.During her radio show, Ashley exploded, furiously attacking the character of both T-Boz and Chilli, maligning them for reducing the role of (her mother) Pebbles, their former manager, played in the group’s initial success.

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Miss Reid is claiming that her mother was inaccurately portrayed in VH1’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” biopic about the trio.

Pebbles‘ daughter, Ashley Reid, has a bone to pick with the remaining members of famed 90’s supergroup TLC.

Well, anyway, it seems like Pebbles and/or LA Reid would pull her aside and tell her to STFU!

, about the legendary girl group, revealed so much, it had our jaws dropping from start to finish!

There was one problem, though, Chilli was never really talking trash!