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If you’re a Leo or a fire sign, be particularly careful to surround yourself with positive people and people you love and feel comfortable with.

The second eclipse takes a complete 180 degree turn, with the eclipse occurring in Pisces, the romantic and compassionate sign.

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Psychic love and dating advice for men

That means that while you might meet someone fabulous and it’s all off to a hot and heavy start, it could end in tears and upset and drama just as quickly. Plus, with Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking setting up his workshop in Aquarius early in February, communications will be informal and not as forthcoming or user friendly as they have been. Mercury in Aquarius and the planets in Aries could have your other half or someone you’re dating saying things that make you feel picked on or’s nothing like that. Emotions will definitely be running high around the Leo Lunar Eclipse.

This is the first eclipse of 2017 and is a time when emotional energy is at its highest point.

Plus, with the Leo Lunar Eclipse February 10, it’s definitely set to be a Valentine’s Day not soon forgotten.

In fact, for those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day, astrologically it looks like being rather complicated.

Of course it also depends on your Venus and Mars placements too – as they have a bearing on who you will attract too.