Problem updating adobe reader 8 1 5

I frequently get the automated update for Adope, My computer runs it, but then says Error 1648.

To change the default file type associations revisit our old friend the Start Screen and type: to pick your PDF reader. Microsoft calls it “one browser two experiences” but I call it “two browsers bad experiences”.

I actually hate Internet Explorer because it feels inordinately slow on every computer I’ve ever used; however, to Microsoft’s credit IE11 is significantly superior to prior versions and is arguably more secure too.

That’s because the default file associations in Windows 8.1 are built for the Start Screen. I’m going to banish you from using Adobe Reader and heartily recommend Foxit Reader instead.

It’s cleaner, has less bloatware and doesn’t require as many updates.

Programatically speaking IE may be a single browser; however, pragmatically speaking, from the Windows Desktop opens Internet Explorer in the normal desktop view.