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Differing language groups were generally competitive over resources and territories.

They were further divided into tribes by speaking languages in branches of these families. The first Europeans in the area were Spanish explorers in 1516.

As of 2009, Paraguay's population was estimated to be at around 6.5 million, most of whom are concentrated in the southeast region of the country.

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Catholicism in Paraguay was influenced by the indigenous peoples; the syncretic religion has absorbed native elements.

The reducciones flourished in Eastern Paraguay for about 150 years, until the expulsion of the Jesuits by the Spanish Crown in 1767.

The Spanish explorer Juan de Salazar de Espinosa founded the settlement of Asunción on 15 August 1537.

The city eventually became the center of a Spanish colonial province of Paraguay.

An attempt to create an autonomous Christian Indian nation was undertaken by Jesuit missions and settlements in this part of South America in the eighteenth century, which included portions of Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil.