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I would love to meet a man who is reliable, confident, caring, honest, educated, with a positive outlook on things and a good...

Know about Girls in Mumbai, there Lifestyle, Some insight about those hard working city women, Bit of culture and way this beautiful women be in city.

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Woman aged 35-55 may please contact for sincere love & friendship at 7685090305 (whatsapp/sms/c…

Also Some details and information about Working Women, Bar Girls, College Girls and for those looking for Dating some Hot single girls and Working Women here in city..” [ Working Women ], [ Dating Single Hot Girls ], [ Dance Bar Girls ], [ About College Girls in City ], [ Girls Mobile Numbers and Contact List ], [ Pickup Girls ], [ Looking For Hot Women and Girls ], [ Updates ] India is also famous for the beautiful women all over the world, especially you will find lots of miss India, miss universe are from Bollywood of Mumbai.

In Mumbai, girls are well aware of career, sex, responsibilities, hard work, parenting, friendship & dating.

I am 27 year old male looking for decent fun-loving and open minded female of any age and any status for short or long time physical relationship and quality time. Regarding me, I'm a shy but a friendly & an easy going male.


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