Olivia newton john dating history

The marriage and the moment has released something in her, she says - a passion for life and sexiness that she didn’t know she possessed.

Newton-John, now 63, has served up a new surprise at the Rome film festival.

"The script was even rewritten for me so I could play an Australian girl who was about to return to her country,” she says.

A lot of good things and bad things have happened during my life, which has been a roller coaster. I live for the day, never think of the future and the past is gone.

So I am always loving and living as if it is my last day.” There has been a new home in Florida, a fast-moving life, fundraising for a cancer hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and her celebration of 20 years next year of beating cancer.

“I was forced to talk about it, really,” she recalls.

“I was in Los Angeles and someone found out and told the press.

“The director Stephan Elliott told me, ‘This will kill Sandy’s image off for ever,’” she says, “but I said, ‘The world does not want Sandy to ever die.