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OCD interferes with responsible functioning: job, relationships, punctuality, or just being able to live comfortably with themselves and their loved ones.

They also believe that any action they take will have a positive or negative effect because of that word, item, or place.

They will walk over cracks on a sidewalk, avoid driving past a certain address, or even wear the same item of clothing for a week. An address or date can seem lucky or unlucky so they avoid it or succumb to its power.

You might have forgotten to shut the stove after answering your texts. The only comfort comes from putting your hot iron in your purse and carrying it with you to work.

But when a person with OCD checks, they don’t trust that they checked, so they check again and again. One small thought can become a horrendous mental vision of tragic events that they might cause or could happen.

A person, place, or thing can spark a destructive wildfire in their minds. Living in constant doubt causes anxiety and distress.