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You read that right: In the dorm rooms of Oberlin students, original works by Renoir, Picasso, and Dalí hang on the walls next to the usual Jimi Hendrix and Pulp Fiction posters. Beyond being a beautiful place to take in the works of the Dutch Masters for free, the Allen Memorial Art Museum is a huge draw for students interested in pursuing museum work as a career. You can go through any museum of significance in the United States and find Oberlin grads.” Oberlin's top-notch education does not come free.

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Without actual classes, students can devote all their time and energy to one special project, which can be completed as a solo or group endeavor, pitched by students or faculty, conducted on campus or elsewhere in the world.

From hand-making paper to overhauling one’s personal fitness regimen, from recording radio programs in El Salvador to working at a socially responsible investment firm through the Business Scholars Program, winter term is designed to give students the chance to focus on something that matters to them—or try out something they think might matter to them.

The Career Center, for example, coordinates Winter Term internships in various fields (past sites have included the Smithsonian Institution, Global Green, and Discovery Communications), usually sponsored by Oberlin alumni.

Oberlin's recruiting database, Obie Opps, makes the sometimes daunting search for internships and jobs a simple process.

Each year, 63 percent of Oberlin students rally to contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service through the Bonner Center for Service and Learning, a college organization that teams up students, faculty, community partners, and alumni to solve pressing problems.