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I know we’ve added many names to THE list in the year that has passed since Sandra Bland did… And I ain’t been blogging neither, so I’m gonna start back there although there is so much fresh heartbreak to explore.

Please don’t assume that the others didn’t get to me.

She is a sensational rapper, and she will go a long distance with her career.

She is a multi talented girl as she is also a musician.

That I didn’t feel a punch in the gut when Trayvon went down, when Zimmerman went free, when the music stopped for Jordan, when Eric couldn’t breathe, a wrench in my heart when Tamir was ambushed while playing in the park, when Freddie’s spine was severed on the “joy” ride, when no on was held accountable, when Alton was pinned and gunned down, or when Diamond’s little girl witnessed that horror from just a few feet away in the backseat- just to name a few.


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    If you’re looking to date Asian singles in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

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    I don't want to fvck and then move on to the next one while he does the same thing.

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    As the user who stole it is listed as 18 right now - that's not gonna happen right! - Hot69jenna - pics 'borrowed' from too many sites to list - google search returns 100s of hits. - hotstuffbham32 - the photo is also used on another catfish profile aka Angiedk on meetme d ot com.

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    How he lost his parents is a traumatic memory which he represses.