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Augustine, Florida, have yielded new data with respect to Spanish majolica.A number of 18th century majolica types occur much later in St. Previous studies of majolica (Goggin 1968) do not include data from domestic sites in St. Careful stratigraphic control indicates that Goggin’s majolica dates are skewed approximately 20-25 years earlier than the majolica recovered from St. New dates of manufacture have been assigned to several types on the basis of sherds recovered from closed proveniences of First Spanish Period (1565-1763) context at the Geronimo de Hita site in St. The presence of plain creamware was used (Deagan 1975a) to determine a in the date range of 1740-1745 for those majolica types.

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While this allows archeologists to establish a relative chronology of the site's occupation and use, it does not tell the age of artifacts found within the stratum.

(See Site formation in What are Archeological Resources?

It is possible for geologists to determine absolute dates for geological occurrences, but most of the methods they use are accurate only when they are dealing with millions of years rather than for smaller increments such as tens of thousands of years (Mc Millon 195).

n a classic geological principle, known as the Law of Superposition.

This section explores dating techniques that archeologists use to establish relative time and absolute time to date sites and the corresponding artifacts and events.