Mark feehily dating

Westlife's Mark Feehily has split from his long-term partner Kevin Mc Daid.

The singer, who revealed that he was dating the former V star in 2005, confirmed the news on his Twitter page."Sadly, Kevin & I are no longer together," Feehily wrote.

He has his best friend, a career he loves, and has left behind a past built on hiding, betrayal, and compromise. Especially not for some boy they haven't seen since highschool, who they never really knew anyway. It's their first anniversary, and as hard as they try, Mark and Nicky can't manage to get enough time for some celebratory sex. It's the story of a guy called Jim, or Jimmie, as others call him. After years of denying his sexuality, dating Mark is everything Nicky wanted. When Mark finds himself suddenly alone, he turns to his best friend for comfort and too many drinks.

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But hard times, a run of bad luck, and both their uncertain futures push Nicky to desperate measures, and he discovers a knack for something a straight boy from Dublin had never expected of

The 34-year-old Irish singer has set up his own catering business, selling crepes and coffees from a van.

Due to Mc Daid's uncertain age at the time the photographs were taken, sites that published them after he came into the limelight were threatened with legal action by lawyers acting for him.

"The snaps, which showed him in various steamy clinches, were posted on a gay internet site under the name of "Tight Calvin"...

They have not revealed a date for their civil partnership. Following Gately’s death in October, Feehily said: “Stephen was extremely brave.