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The dining room is framed by tall steel fermentation tanks, and sitting in a booth on one side looking expectant and a little tense are Ashley Heaney and Mark Heaney from Green Acres Family Farm in Gapland, Md. CHARLES: The matchmaker here is Pamela Hess, founder of the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture.

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Last week, as official Washington obsessed over the Coming Of Trump, there was a gathering in our nation's capital that had almost nothing to do with the inauguration or politics.

It took place at a sleek and stylish restaurant/brewery called Bluejacket, built inside the walls of an old factory.

It's spectacular food, Gjerde says, but you have to understand the effort that went into it, "and to get that on a table somewhere, and to get somebody to understand what that whole thing cost is a huge challenge." The room is crowded now, and loud. Despite that hiccup, most of the farmers and chefs I talked to were happy by the end of the evening.

The farmers wear green name tags; chefs have red ones. They said that they'd made some promising contacts.

GJERDE: And then to get that on a table somewhere and get somebody to understand what that whole thing costs is a huge challenge. The farmers have green name tags, chefs have red ones.