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Unwittingly, the message was received by Trisolaris four light-years away.Eight years later in 1979, Ye Wenjie received the first response by a concerned pacifist Trisolaran Information Receptionist, warning her not to reply, as the Trisolaran civilization was hostile and invasive.Copyediting may lead to small differences between the version and the final version.

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During the ETO meeting in an abandoned warehouse, in which Ye Wenjie appears as the spiritual leader, Wang Miao is shocked by the anti-humanity stances portrayed by its members, its display as a formidable fighting force with capable weapons of destruction (courtesy of funding from Mike Evans), as well as the infighting between the Adventist and Redemptionist factions within the organization.

A police-military intervention quickly takes place, resulting in the destruction of the warehouse and deaths of many ETO members.

Throughout the centuries, with the rise and abrupt terminations of many civilizations, Trisolarans have learned to predict the movement of the suns for several years at a time, and evolved to be able to hydrate and dehydrate their bodies to adapt to the environment of the Stable Eras and Chaotic Eras.

However, eventually research determines that there is no solution to the three-body problem.

Trisolarans developed the Sophon technology (a word amalgamation of Sophia, meaning "wisdom", and Proton, consisting of a supercomputer embedded into a single proton that had been unfolded from eleven space dimensions to two dimensions, programmed, and then refolded), with plans for two such Sophons to secure the complete lockdown of Earth's scientific research and development by giving out false results in particle accelerators.