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I think if you meet through work, it’s possible to be friends.

I also think it’s possible to have friends of the opposite gender to share your worries with.”When asked if he can have a crush on someone for 18 years like in the film, Lee Seung Gi said, “I sympathize with the character named Jun Su.

What better praise can an actor ask for in a romantic comedy film?

Lee seung gi and han hyo joo dating

The MC then asked Moon Chae Won, "What curse words do you normally say a lot?

Do you [say them] with the window down when you're driving?

MC Kim Il Joong noted that Moon Chae Won was someone who swore frequently herself as he stated, "You know, Moon Chae Won curses a fair amount." At this Moon Chae Won replied, "Is there a person who doesn't curse?

The difference between cursing and not cursing is actually just cursing a lot versus cursing a little."When the MC asked if she practiced cursing for her character, Moon Chae Won answered, "Practice?

Being loved by Jun Su, Hyun Woo is an easygoing girl who swears and dances freely in front of him. What does Lee Seung Gi think of Hyun Woo as his possible girlfriend? Just by the fact that she acts violently, I don’t want to see her as my potential girlfriend."When asked, “Can’t it be cute when a girl acts violent out of drunkenness?