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Why did you decide to release this song as the first single from the album?Was there any other songs that you wanted to release instead?

Graduated high school there then immigrated to Canada when I was 16 years old.

Went to University for Film Studies then pursued a career in music and have garnered National and International success with several of my albums to date.

It’s simply the process, the journey and those song that make it on the EP are most likely the “best” fitting songs within each other. So the answer is yes, however we are just reigniting the “KW” project once again..

Being more of a homogeneous body of work with a good flow rather than being “better” songs individually. so once things start rolling we will be planning a full cross Canada tour starting this summer or back to school!

Connect with Karl Wolf: Facebook Twitter Instagram I’m Tara and I’m a graphic designer from Newfoundland.