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On July 6, 2009, Ross and Walker departed from Panic! They soon gathered in Los Angeles and began recording the songs they had originally prepared for the next Panic! They were aided with the help of Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet, who ended up producing seven tracks out of eleven, and Rob Mathes who produced four songs out of the album. One box set included a View-Master, with seven photos of the band. On July 28, 2009, Ross and Walker announced their new band was entitled The Young Veins and premiered a new song, "Change", on their Myspace profile.

"Oh, I definitely [know them] — it's my friend Zee and a couple of her friends.

And actually, they're all older than me," he laughed.

https:// According to Keltie, Ryan cheated on her.

I hate to think it's true, but I'm pretty sure she's telling the truth, at least as she sees it.

"I think one of the girls put the picture on her Facebook, and was like, 'Oh my God, I didn't even know it was on the table,' and then I don't know what happened.


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    Not once during my time here have I felt unsafe or threatened even with a mountain lion roaming campus.

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    I just got up and took my ABC ass to a nearby coffee shop to read instead. While the comments in the salon annoyed me, I can’t say I was angry. I’d like to think that couples like us are changing the world bit by bit.

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