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In this way, it is possible to create a list tailored to your specific local area as well as the income level of your would be client.

I would write a letter to these home purchasers, many of whom were new to the city and did not have an accountant – or, they were first-time homebuyers and could now itemize on their return.

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I would make the letter short, honest and personal, beginning with something like “Congratulations on your new home purchase.

I’ll cut right to the chase before you decide this is junk mail and stop reading: I got your name from a company that sells lists of new homebuyers and I’d like to become your accountant.

First of all, just like in the world of romance, getting a client and keeping the client for years are two different issues and, as such, require different solutions.

Moreover, the entire client–accountant relationship is, at its heart, a relationship between two people – just like our personal relationships. right client isn’t going to just walk into your office. When I first began my practice, I contacted a local company that creates and sells lists of new home buyers.

If they have a newsletter, volunteer to write an article on tax tips.