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Pease and Reynolds - Two white Southerners who run Richard off his job at the optical shop in Jackson, Mississippi.Though technically two characters, Pease and Reynolds are unified in their bestial treatment of Richard and essentially operate as one.

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He grows up feeling insecure about his inability to meet anyone’s expectations, particularly his family’s wish that he accept religion.

Even though he remains isolated from his environment and peers, at the autobiography’s end Richard has come to accept himself. Tough on Richard and certainly unafraid to administer a beating when she believes it is appropriate, Ella nevertheless loves her son and is the person most resembling an advocate in his life. Austere and unforgiving, Granny is a very strict Seventh-Day Adventist and runs her household accordingly.

Passive-aggressive as a young boy, Richard either says very little or becomes melodramatic and says too much.


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