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A place to share recipes, stories and cooking tips and, of course, to convert "meal in a box" believers and takeout food regulars Contrary to popular belief potato doesn't make us fat but the lack of exercise, potato chips and mash laden with fats are the main culprits.

In fact the slow energy releasing starch in potato makes us full and satisfied without resorting to overeating, another reason for the thickening midsections.

Act righteously for the Lord of righteousness whose righteousness is righteousness indeed. The painful reality is that whatever difficulties, problems, or situations that arise in our lives is caused by something we did or did not do which created a imbalance.

Reciprocity = Derives from the word Reciprocal which gives reference to two or more persons or things interchangeable or complementry to each other.

Life itself can be understood or viewed as motion or movement. One cannot reach the end without a means or vehicle. When they are buried and the earth envelops them, their name is not erased from the face of the earth. For this is a principle established by the word of God. Wrongdoing does not achieve its goal, but one who is righteous reaches dry land. Balance is also defined as a state of mental, phychological, or emotional stability.