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) are only a few steps removed from washing the feet of the poor and accepting perfume from a prostitute.“I want to try to live my own values as consciously and purposefully as I can,” Booker told me in a phone interview.

The environmental consequences of animal agriculture don’t change whether a cow is grown for dairy or meat nor whether a chicken is raised for poultry or eggs.

Booker also expressed concern about his own health.

Booker has mastered a recipe for success and magnetism that few else have: mix small but principled actions with a huge talent for motivational public speaking, and even massive problems start to seem tractable.

From poverty to bipartisanship, Booker is most effective when he can focus on the minor and human details, like pledging to get dinner with every one of his Republican colleagues or inviting victims of Hurricane Sandy over to his house.

Instead, Booker is trying to do a better job of living out the principles he already has.