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Well, let's just say next time they better reincarnate me as a rabbit to make up for it. Plus I know what I would be eating for dinner too since he had 6 photos with fresh dead deer in them plus one dead black squirrel !

Introducing the Ok Stupid Poetry Slam, an artistic, open-mic platform that allows you to transform those unwelcome dating messages into, well, poetry.

"It all started while sitting around The Rookery one night with Jamie [the owner] and some friends, lamenting about the dating scene in Bushwick and NYC in general," Tan Roberts, the event's organizer, explained in an interview with Bushwick Daily.

Me: Delete Second message (from same user): Maybe we can get together sometime. I look at them and have to ask what pipe they have been hitting to assume we have everything in common.

Read my profile and let me know if we have anything in common. Or, I the ones where "we have everything in common".

How many times have you gotten matched with a PYT, but when you message her, she doesn’t respond?