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Again, complete the installation with the drivers loaded by the installation program and update to the new drivers after installation, or use an initial RAM disk driver update.

I need to update my Ralink 5390 adapter driver and I don't know what the terminal command is. Perhaps it would be better to post the problem instead (in a new question)[email protected]: They were not being inconsistent.

But why get the Software Center at all, if the goal is to install updates via the command line?

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You can use a driver disc to add this support during installation in one of two ways: If Red Hat, your hardware vendor, or a trusted third party told you that you will require a driver update during the installation process, choose a method to supply the update from the methods described in this chapter and test it before beginning the installation.

Conversely, do not perform a driver update during installation unless you are certain that your system requires it.

For example, consider a system that has two different network adapters, one of which has a driver update available.