Dns host a records not updating

b) Select one of the two: i) Refers to Host Name to alias another record assigned to this domain.Select the host name from the drop-down box under the Host Name column ii) Other Host to alias another domain.

dns host a records not updating-48

(without this it won`t work) Alexey There are a couple of ways this can happen; there are pros and cons to each approach.

First is the "simple" way to do it (which just means fewer moving parts); having the ubuntu boxes send DNS update commands to the DNS server.

1) In the IP Address (A records) section, click on the Edit A Records button a) To remove and replace existing Numeric IP addresses you first must select the box next to each A record you need to Delete and click Continue.

On the Confirm DNS Changes page click Save Changes.

Second option is to configure the DHCP service to inject the records for you. Some things to check to make that work the way you're expecting: Oh, and assuming your DNS is AD-integrated, don't combine both methods - you'll end up with AD object permissions issues when the DHCP server tries to update something that was already inserted by the host.