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To achieve this, though, requires a slightly higher level of awareness and precision than with the other two tanks.

The 4.0 shift of Absorb from being a secondary to a tertiary stat isn’t the most pleasant thing ever, but it’s not the end of the world.

I like Force Harmonics/Audacity for the little extra threat bump it provides, as well as helping me be less of a slouch in my DPS.



of depraedari to plunder; de- praedari to plunder, praeda plunder, prey.

Whether you are a landowner or avid hunter, Tactical Hog Control is THE answer to your "Hog problem".

Unfortunately, there are too many fights now to list a set of utilities for each one, but there are guides out there for each fight (conveniently on this website) to figure out which utilities work best on which fight.

Unfortunately, since so many of the utilities we have are only situationally useful in Pv E, we see a few fights where there are only 5 truly good utilities to take, and so you have some room for personal preference, though it won’t really make a difference.

If you’re comfortable going with maximum mitigation, read on.


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