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I've even read some research on this, and the studies show that teenage boys think about sex every seven seconds." At this point Kevin's eyes darted, wondering where I was going next. ' And I want you to know what I mean when I ask you that question. " "Yes, sir." His eyes were fully dilated at this point. "Kevin, more than likely Ashley is going to be somebody's wife someday. "And, Kevin, I want you also to take this challenge: If God ever gives you the privilege of being a husband and a dad, especially if He gives you girls, I want you to take your role so seriously with them that you'll talk to your daughters' dates the way I've talked with you today. " "Yes, sir." At that point both Kevin and I were relieved that the conversation was over. I told him I was proud of him for coming to talk to me and allowing me to interact with him around such important issues. And over the years, I did a version of this same thing dozens of times as I interviewed young men who wanted to date my four daughters. I've learned that there are some very specific things I need to know about each young man, and I try to tailor each of these little talks to the particular situation and the young man I'm dealing with."And, Kevin, you and I both know those teenage boys were lying about the other six seconds." At this point Kevin's eyes began to dilate! As he was putting his helmet on, he answered one last question by assuring me he'd take Ashley out in a car! In the process, I've met some fine maturing men and seen some interesting things happen along the way.I shifted papers, opened drawers, glanced out the window. Finally, my executive assistant informed me that the young man I'd been expecting was waiting for me in the lobby.

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As you may recall from a few of my posts, this was a memorable and special weekend for us.

While we were there, we picked up several books to help us in our marriage and in our parenting.

One such resource was Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date (8 Steps To No Regrets) by Family Life co-founder and president Dennis Rainey.

Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date is a short book designed for father’s with daughters.

If Kevin said no, he and I would both know he was lying.